EUSAS Journal No. 14, March 2023
EUSAS conference on "Aerosols in the Scope of Fire detection"
EUSAS conference on "Artificial Intelligence in Fire Detection and Security - Without the Hype"

EUSAS Journal No. 13, July 2019
EUSAS / Euralarm conference on "Fire detection and security in the aviation sector"

EUSAS Journal No. 12, July 2018
EUSAS / Euralarm conference on "Research into fire technologies shaping future standards"

EUSAS Journal No. 11, August 2017
EUSAS conference on "New Perspectives for Fire Detection by Novel and Innovative Gas Sensing"

EUSAS Journal No. 10, April 2016
EUSAS conference on "Fire Detection in Private Homes"

EUSAS Journal No. 9, August 2015
EUSAS conference on "Industrial Fire Protection in Power Production and Storage "
EUSAS conference on "The Future of Gas Sensors for Fire Detection and Safety Techniques "
EUSAS conference on "Fire Detection in Challenging Environments "
EUSAS conference on "Challenges of networking in technical security systems with a focus on
fire detection systems "

EUSAS Journal No. 8, June 2012
EUSAS conference on "Fire Safety in High-Rise Buildings. Regulations - Challenges - Concepts"

EUSAS Journal No. 7, August 2011
Part A: The EUSAS Trend Report
Part B: EUSAS Conference on “Fire Detection: State of the Art and Future Development"

EUSAS Journal No. 6, September 2010
Part A: The EUSAS Conference on "Fire Protection and Security
in Historical Buildings and Museums"
Part B: The EUSAS Conference on "Fire Protection in Railway Vehicles"

EUSAS Journal No. 5, April 2009
Part A: The EUSAS Conference on "Airborne Fire Protection"
Part B: The EUSAS Conference on "Highly Specialised Fire Protection Technologies"

EUSAS Journal No. 4, July 2008
EUSAS conference on "Fire Safety Engineering and Smoke Control in Buildings"

EUSAS Journal No. 3, April 2007
Part A: The EUSAS Trend Report
Part B: The EUSAS Workshop on "CPD and CE Marking of Fire Protection and Security Products"
Part C: The EUSAS Conference on " Video Applications "

EUSAS Journal No. 2, September 2005
EUSAS Workshop on "Modern trends in damage- and residue-free extinguishing solutions"

EUSAS Journal No. 1, August 2004
EUSAS Workshop on "Multiple Sensor based (Fire-) Detectors; Design and Testing"