The foundation of the European Society for Automatic Alarm Systems (EUSAS) on December 11, 1989, answered the need of professionals for intensified experience sharing. The initiative originated in European professional business, industrial and scientific circles. Founding members were:

  •     P. Burry, B.Sc., (UK)
  •     J. Duboys, Ing., (F)
  •     H. Kaiser, Dipl. Ing., (A)
  •     G. Linden, Dipl. Ing., (D)
  •     H. Luck, Prof. Dr. Ing., (D)
  •     J.F. Middleton, B.SC., (GB)
  •     A. Scheidweiler, Dipl. Phys. Dr., (CH)
  •     G. Sica, Dr. Ing., (I)
  •     B. Teglöf, Ing., (S)
  •     P. Thilo., Dipl. Ing. Dr., (D)

The society was founded, and still is a non-profit organisation. Prospective members are technicians, senior and young engineers and scientists who are involved in the areas of fire and security, and who are willing to discuss problems and share their experience. For this purpose EUSAS e.V. organizes and participates in trade conferences, symposia, seminars, and workshops during which specific problems in fire and security are presented and possible solutions are discussed.

Preferred topics are:

  •     New technologies
  •     Protection concepts
  •     Communications technology
  •     Integrated systems for building services
  •     Analysis and assessment of dangers
  •     International standards and directives

With the foundation of EUSAS a European platform for discussions among professionals was created. The workshops and meetings organized by EUSAS e.V. are intended to provide an opportunity for the members to discuss recent developments in fire and security and corresponding trends for the benefit of all EUSAS e.V. members and the parties concerned.