The principal objective of EUSAS e.V. is the promotion of experience sharing, an exchange of views among professionals, and know-how consolidation.

For this purpose EUSAS e.V. organises trade conferences, symposia, seminars and workshops during which specific security and danger detection engineering problems are presented and possible solutions discussed. Preferred topics are:    New technologies

  •     Protection concepts
  •     Communications technology
  •     Integrated systems for building services
  •     Analysis and assessment of dangers

With the foundation of EUSAS a European platform for discussions among professionals has been created. The meetings organised by EUSAS e.V. are intended to provide an opportunity for its members to discuss future security and protection engineering developments and trends, without being under pressure to find solutions.

EUSAS e.V. is also open for young engineers or even students who want to get in touch with experienced experts in the field in order to learn from the discussions during meetings.
An information service has been installed which can be used in particular by those members who want to know more about other fields of danger protection.